A few days after eyebrow tattooing, scabs fell off.

After brushing your eyebrows, you will see a thick scab on your eyebrows, which makes you feel very uncomfortable. Some scabs have fallen off, while others are still there. This kind of scab must be dropped naturally, and should not be torn by hand, otherwise it will affect the effect of eyebrow tattoo. A few days after eyebrow tattooing, scabs fell off.

A few days after eyebrow tattooing, it is also necessary to look at people. Generally speaking, people will get scabs about three days after eyebrow tattooing, and they will get scabs about seven to ten days after eyebrow tattooing. Do not touch water after treatment, otherwise the effect will be affected. After scabbing, the epidermis will automatically scab, which can’t be peeled by hand, leaving scars easily. During the treatment, you should not eat seafood or drink alcohol for 1-3 days to avoid allergic redness.

After eyebrow tattooing, you can wash your face normally, but when washing your face, you should pay attention not to wash the parts of your eyebrows, but to keep them dry. If you accidentally touch water, be sure to dry it with facial tissue to avoid affecting the effect of eyebrows.

After eyebrow tattooing, external anti-inflammatory drugs can be applied to the eyebrows to prevent infection. Apply it two or three times a day for three days. In addition, after the eyebrows are scabbed, do not touch hot water or steam, which will easily cause the scab to soften and fall off, and will also affect the coloring, thus affecting the final effect.

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