A few days after menstruation.

After the abortion operation, women need to recover gradually. As long as menstruation resumes, women don’t have to worry too much. For the sake of health, women need to go to the hospital for reexamination. However, a few days after the abortion menstruation ends, they need to be reexamined.

After 3-5 days of menstruation, women should pay attention to hygiene and prevent gynecological inflammation. If there is no pregnancy plan, it is best to use condoms to avoid accidents and frequent induced abortion. Going to the hospital for reexamination can check whether the uterine cavity is clean or not, and can also check the recovery of the endometrium. If you have not menstruated, you can also rule out the possibility of intrauterine adhesion.

After abortion, women usually resume menstruation within 28 days, but this is also affected by many factors, such as postoperative aftercare, uterine recovery, etc., some of which may be delayed for several days. If there is disorder, you can take some medicine to recuperate. If you don’t come to menstruation all the time, it may be amenorrhea, which is a common abortion sequela.

If the endometrial damage is large, or there is endocrine disorder, etc., it will lead to short-term menstrual disorder, which usually takes three months to recover. If it exceeds, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination. If there is no problem after reexamination, women need not worry very much, and should not be examined during menstruation, so as to avoid mistakes in the results.

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