A quick way to relieve a cold.

Cold is one of the most susceptible diseases, which can be divided into many types, such as wind-heat, wind-cold and viral cold. After people catch a cold, they will have nasal congestion and runny nose, and most patients will also have cough. So, what are the quick ways to relieve a cold?

When you have a cold and cough, you can use ginger to relieve your cough. Ginger not only has the effect of dispelling cold and generating heat, but also has therapeutic effect on cold. Patients with a cold can cut a piece of ginger and put it in their mouth, which has the effect of relieving cough. If the cough is very serious, everyone can chew the ginger piece dry. Although this is not a permanent cure, the effect of relieving cough is still very good.

Garlic also has the function of relieving cough. Everyone knows that garlic can disinfect and sterilize, but in fact, it has a very good effect of relieving cough. The most direct way for garlic to relieve cough is to put raw garlic in your mouth and soak it in water. If you can’t stand the taste of garlic, you can add crystal sugar and boil water to drink it, which has excellent antitussive effect.

Vinegar also has the function of relieving cough. When you have a cold, you can boil it and drink a spoonful when you cough. You need to swallow it slowly. Because vinegar is more acidic, if you eat too much, it is easy to cause some gastrointestinal discomfort, such as acid reflux and heartburn, so you must pay attention to the right amount.

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