Advantages and disadvantages of shrinking dumbbells.

Women attach great importance to their physical beauty not only in appearance, but also in their vaginal health and vaginal muscle elasticity. Some female friends like to exercise their vaginal muscle contraction ability with the dumbbell, but some people think that this method is harmful to the body. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the dumbbell?

1, there are some advantages of shrinking dumbbells, often use shrinking dumbbells to exercise, can effectively but the vagina internal contraction ability is strengthened, so that women in sexual intercourse, can freely shrink the vagina and strength is bigger than women who have not exercised, this will bring great pleasure to each other during sexual intercourse.

2. There are good uses and disadvantages when using this kind of dumbbell, but the disadvantages come from the use method rather than the dumbbell itself. Some women do not pay attention to cleaning when using it, and use it again and again without disinfection after using it once. This practice will not only cause cross-infection of various gynecological diseases, but also do great harm to male reproductive health.

3. Any method beneficial to body-building has the possibility of becoming a double-edged sword. Try not to let unsanitary vaginal products enter the vagina, so as to avoid more serious gynecological diseases caused by repeated infection.

In fact, if you want to exercise the contractility of vaginal muscles, you don’t need to rely entirely on instruments. You should pay more attention to vaginal health at ordinary times, and you can gradually improve the vaginal relaxation by doing vaginal contraction and levator ani exercises before going to bed at night.

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