Are children susceptible to tuberculosis?

Parents attach great importance to their children’s health problems, so in their daily life, they will pay attention to observation, which is conducive to finding abnormalities. Tuberculosis is a common disease, which is contagious and needs timely treatment, otherwise it will do very serious damage to the body. So, are children prone to tuberculosis?

Children are more likely to get tuberculosis. Although people of any age will suffer from tuberculosis, the elderly and children with weak constitution are more likely to get sick. Usually, after suffering from tuberculosis, there will be some obvious symptoms, but this requires medical examination before the final diagnosis can be made.

Usually, when children suffer from tuberculosis, they will have symptoms such as fever, cough and expectoration, and in severe cases, they will also cause difficulty breathing. If children have the above symptoms, they need to be examined in time. They should go to the hospital for X-ray examination of the lungs, and also carry out tests to find out whether the lungs are infected with the lesions.

Tuberculosis can be transmitted, for example, through respiratory tract, which is the most important route of transmission. If you inhale airborne droplets and dust, it may cause infection. In addition, tuberculosis can also be transmitted through the digestive tract. For example, eating food infected with tuberculosis can easily cause tuberculosis. After suffering from tuberculosis, patients need to receive anti-tuberculosis treatment.

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