Are violent tendencies innate?

Every child will have his own character, some children are lively, but some children are shy, but some children will be very grumpy, especially fond of losing their temper, and it is easy to beat people. In fact, this is a violent tendency, so is violent tendency born?

Everyone doesn’t have the ability to hit people after being born. However, if you are careful to bear some pressure inside or imagine some attacks, then at this time, your heart will play a protective role and become an aggressive behavior. It is said that parents are an example to educate their children, and some of their actions will slowly leave an impression in their children’s world, but they will also slowly imitate them.

When parents educate their children, as long as they ask their children to do something, parents must first do it themselves. In fact, we can think in perspective, why force children to do things that we are unwilling to do? At ordinary times, when communicating with children, we should also speak calmly. When children do something wrong, they should not shout and shout. We should patiently educate and persuade children.

Every child is not born with violent tendencies after birth, and often takes shape the day after tomorrow. Educating children is a very important link in the family, but parents are also a very important role model. When children are found to have violent tendencies, they can think differently and teach them slowly, so as to have a good effect.

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