Back to normal a few days after tooth extraction.

When suffering from dental diseases, it is easy to have the symptoms of toothache, and the pain may be severe, which has a great impact on work and life, so many people will pull out the affected teeth. After pulling out a tooth, you should observe the precautions after tooth extraction. So, how many days after pulling out the teeth?

After tooth extraction, it usually takes 7-15 days to recover completely. Some local inflammatory reactions will occur when the teeth are just extracted, and some antibiotics are needed at this time. If the pain is severe, you can take some pain-relieving drugs. After about 10 days, the inflammation will subside, and then the patient will be able to return to normal diet.

When you have just pulled out your teeth, you can’t eat immediately, and you have to wait at least 2 hours before eating. At this time, you need to eat liquid or semi-liquid food, and you should not eat too hard or too hot food. It should be noted that you should not eat hot food after tooth extraction, and avoid chewing on the side of tooth extraction. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the blood clot, which will make the wound bleed.

After tooth extraction, it will not affect the work, and everyone can go to work normally. However, to avoid strenuous exercise, heavy physical labor is not suitable. Do not drink alcohol or play musical instruments during recovery. Try not to spit or touch the wound within one day after tooth extraction.

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