Can 6-year-old children drink chrysanthemum tea?

Chrysanthemum tea has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving fire, which is very suitable for drinking in summer. However, if the physique is special, we should be more careful. If women have palace cold symptoms or stomach cold dysmenorrhea, they are not suitable for drinking chrysanthemum tea, because chrysanthemum tea is cold, and eating it will lead to serious symptoms. So, can 6-year-old children drink chrysanthemum tea?

6-year-old children can drink chrysanthemum tea, but don’t drink too much. If symptoms of excessive internal heat appear, they can drink a little. When drinking chrysanthemum tea, they can match with other things, such as hawthorn, which has the function of lowering blood pressure and reducing fat, and is more suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia, and obese people can also drink it.

Adding honey into chrysanthemum tea tastes better and has the effect of moistening intestines, which is bad for the liver and greatly relieves people who are thirsty easily. Chrysanthemum can also be drunk together with mulberry leaves, which is helpful to relieve cough and cold. When giving children chrysanthemum tea, don’t put too many chrysanthemums. If there are no symptoms such as excessive internal heat, it is usually unnecessary to drink them.

Children may not be able to accept bitter wild chrysanthemums. If you have an allergic experience, but want to drink chrysanthemum tea, you should try to soak one or two flowers first. If there is no problem, soak more flowers, but it should not be excessive. After diarrhea, you should not drink chrysanthemum tea. Only under some special circumstances, such as getting angry, can you drink chrysanthemum tea properly.

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