Can a 15-year-old girl have kidney deficiency?

Kidney deficiency has a great impact on the human body, and usually has symptoms such as dull complexion and weak waist and knees, which is very harmful to women. If it is not treated in time, it may also cause other diseases, so it must be treated in time. However, will a 15-year-old girl suffer from kidney deficiency?

15-year-old girls will suffer from kidney deficiency. If they don’t pay attention to conditioning at ordinary times, it will cause kidney deficiency. Although it may not have much influence in the early stage, the discomfort of the body will be aggravated after a long time. Before treating kidney deficiency, women need to do a clear examination to find out the causes of kidney deficiency, which mainly include congenital kidney deficiency or other diseases. Only by eliminating the causes in a targeted way can we fundamentally treat and prevent problems from recurring.

There are many ways to tonify kidney, for example, through diet. Women can eat more black foods, such as black beans, black rice, black sesame and so on. These foods are good for tonifying kidney. Women can cook black rice porridge to drink and keep eating for a period of time. Yam, mulberry and so on also have good tonic effect on kidney.

At ordinary times, women should pay attention to keeping the waist warm and promoting the blood circulation of the waist, so that the problem of kidney deficiency can be alleviated and cold food can be avoided. After kidney deficiency occurs, women will have symptoms such as insomnia and dreaminess, heavy dark circles, and fear of cold. They should also develop good living habits at ordinary times, and don’t often stay up late.

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