Can a cold cough be contagious?

In daily life, cold or heat may cause different degrees of colds when the resistance is low. The symptoms of colds are also different. Some colds are just fever, headache and runny nose, while others cough. People who see colds may be afraid of infection every time. Will colds and coughs be contagious?

Some colds and coughs are contagious, while others are not. Cough is a common respiratory disease, which is mostly caused by some pathogenic microorganisms. Viral infection is common, and some are caused by bacterial or mycoplasma infection. If these viruses belong to common viruses, they are generally not contagious.

Because this virus will be found in patients and normal people, it will only happen when the body’s resistance is poor, and it will not happen under normal circumstances. However, some influenza virus infections are contagious. This virus is highly contagious and can cause infection and cough in healthy people.

Cough can be relieved by taking some cough medicine by the doctor. During the cold cough, patients also need to drink plenty of water and eat lightly, which will be beneficial to the improvement of the cold.

You can also cook honey, ginger and radish drink, ginger warms the lung and relieves cough, perspires and relieves exterior syndrome, which can bring out germs and chill in the body and take away excess heat. White radish is rich in calcium and protein, which has antitussive effect and strong anti-inflammatory effect.

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