Can a cold heal itself without taking medicine?

There are many reasons that lead to colds, such as catching cold and getting wet in the rain, sudden changes in climate, or upper respiratory tract infection, which will induce cold symptoms. The incidence of colds is high, especially for children with poor resistance, which may happen all year round, and parents will worry about it. So, will colds heal themselves without taking medicine?

If you don’t take medicine, the cold may heal itself. If it is a common cold disease and the condition is not very serious, you can heal yourself without taking medicine, as long as you take good care of it. There are many reasons for the cold, and it is easy to have some variations. If you have symptoms like cough, stuffy nose and headache, you will not recover so quickly. If necessary, you can take medicine.

Most cold symptoms, as long as they are not serious, will get better in a week or so. In order to make the disease recover better, patients should not take antibiotics at will, so as to avoid taking them improperly. Instead, they will cause drug resistance in the body, which will lead to the decline of immunity and even some adverse reactions.

If you have cough symptoms due to a cold, you can drink honey water, which can relieve the symptoms while sleeping. Keep the room ventilated and ventilated. Don’t nest at home frequently. If you don’t ventilate in time, it will easily lead to bacterial reproduction. Therefore, you should pay more attention to ventilation, breathe more fresh çİş air, and avoid catching cold when opening windows.

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