Can a cold with fever be contagious?

Cold is a common disease. Compared with other diseases, it may not be very serious, but patients can’t ignore it. It’s best to treat it in time, so as to recover faster. If no attention is paid to it, the course of cold may be prolonged. However, can a cold with fever be contagious?

A cold with fever can be contagious, which can be transmitted by 空 or by other means. Therefore, patients should be properly isolated, such as wearing masks. If it is a common cold, it is not contagious, but if it is influenza, it is highly contagious, so appropriate measures should be taken to reduce the prevalence of cold viruses.

If the symptoms are not very serious, patients can drink more to adjust the body’s immunity and enhance their disease resistance. Drinking water can also supplement enough water to help the body metabolize and accelerate the absorption of drugs. If the symptoms are serious, effective measures should be taken to reduce fever.

For low fever caused by cold, you can drink plenty of water, and take other cooling methods, such as applying a cold towel to your forehead or taking a warm bath. At the same time, you should pay attention to increasing or decreasing your clothes to help your body sweat. If your body temperature continues to drop or you have a high fever, you should go to the hospital for treatment. Adults’ resistance is better than children’s, but they should also actively exercise to promote the course of disease to improve as soon as possible.

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