Can a drug flow and painless abortion still be pregnant?

There are many ways of abortion, and drug abortion and abortion are common. The embryo tissue can be effectively discharged by taking drugs, or the embryo tissue can be obtained by operating inside the uterine cavity through surgery. Different abortion methods have different effects on women. In the later stage, relevant nursing should be done according to individual conditions. So, can one drug abortion and one painless abortion still be pregnant?

Whether women can get pregnant after a drug abortion and painless abortion depends on people, which will lead to damage to the uterus. If improper care is taken in the later period, the damage will be aggravated, thus affecting women’s pregnancy. Therefore, after the operation, women should pay great attention to physical conditioning, so as to reduce the harm.

If you pay attention to rest and recover well, women can still get pregnant, but it is not recommended to prepare for pregnancy immediately. It is best to wait for half a year, if you do not recover well, you will get pregnant, which will easily lead to abortion or ectopic pregnancy. The shorter the interval between pregnancies, the higher the possibility of danger.

Only when the physical condition is well recovered can a woman become pregnant again. Vaginal bleeding is common after operation, so women should do a good job of personal hygiene to avoid pelvic adhesion, which will affect women’s conception, and need active treatment. If any uncomfortable flowers appear, go to the hospital for examination.

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