Can abnormal liver function during pregnancy cause itchy skin?

Great changes will take place after pregnancy, and some pregnant women will have abnormal liver function due to the influence of hormone changes, which is not a big problem. It will get better after delivery, but more observation should be made. Be wary of liver diseases, so learn to distinguish and know more about the symptoms of diseases. So, will abnormal liver function during pregnancy cause itchy skin?

Abnormal liver function during pregnancy will cause skin itching, but there are many causes of skin itching. Besides this factor, other incentives will also cause this symptom. Pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination to clarify the causes. If the liver function is abnormal, the skin will show itching, and there is no skin damage. It will be lighter during the day and worse at night. The hands and feet start first, and then spread to the limbs.

Too dry skin, progesterone changes, or eczema, etc., may lead to skin itching, which has nothing to do with abnormal liver function, but abnormal liver function will also lead to skin itching, and will also bring many hidden dangers, so pregnant women should pay attention to it in time.

Pregnant women with abnormal liver function will have obvious vomiting problems and even suffer from acute fatty liver. Although this is relatively rare, it will cause abdominal pain and blood coagulation disorder, which will seriously affect the health of pregnant women, and some will have cholestasis with strong itching symptoms.

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