Can accidental pregnancy after two cesarean sections be induced abortion?

At present, many women need cesarean section when giving birth, which can avoid dystocia. After cesarean section, women need to pay special attention to the recovery of uterus. If they want to get pregnant again, they must wait until the uterus is fully recovered. So, can accidental pregnancy after two cesarean sections be induced abortion?

When a woman has had an unexpected pregnancy after two cesarean sections, she can have abortion. However, before the abortion, examinations, such as B-ultrasound, coagulation function examination, gynecological examination and electrocardiogram, must be performed.

Generally, before abortion, you should confirm that it is intrauterine pregnancy, so you should have a B-ultrasound examination about 6 weeks after pregnancy. Attention should be paid to the time of B-ultrasound examination. Because the pregnancy time is too short, you can’t see the pregnancy sac, and only after 6 weeks of pregnancy can you find the pregnancy sac by B-ultrasound.

Women who want to have an abortion must have a gynecological examination. If gynecological inflammation is found in the examination, abortion can not be performed for the time being. Women should treat the disease in time, and wait until the disease is cured or controlled before considering the problem of abortion. Because abortion is done when suffering from gynecological inflammation, it is very easy to cause inflammation to spread.

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