Can acne grow on zinc deficiency face?

Most people have acne on their faces. Some people will disappear after a while, while others will not disappear for several years. However, some people’s faces are so white that they don’t have acne at all. Generally, acne usually occurs during puberty, and will disappear after puberty. For those acne that cannot fade, many people say it is caused by zinc deficiency. Will acne grow on the face of zinc deficiency?

If the human body is deficient in zinc, some acne will grow on the face. If the human body is deficient in zinc, it will slow down the metabolism of various zinc-containing enzymes in the human body, make the secretion of sebaceous glands abnormal, and cause some inflammation due to pore blockage. Finally, acne will appear. If zinc can be properly supplemented at this time, it can prevent human epithelial tissue and promote the improvement of repair ability.

In fact, zinc deficiency can also lead to the decline of human immunity, and it is easy to get sick frequently. Because there is insufficient immunoglobulin in the human body, pathogens will often invade the body, which will lead to frequent colds.

Zinc deficiency can also lead to anorexia, picky eaters, and want to eat, especially for children. If appetite drops, don’t underestimate it. You must give your child a physical examination to see if there is any zinc deficiency. If the child’s appetite drops, it will be easy for the child to keep up with nutrition, which will also lead to spots or barbs on the child’s nails.

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