Can acute gastroenteritis diarrhea drink salt water?

Acute gastroenteritis can cause many symptoms, such as diarrhea and vomiting. In severe cases, dehydration may occur. Many people are careless in diet. Failure to eat on time or overeating will lead to diseases. So, can acute gastroenteritis diarrhea drink salt water?

Under the condition of acute gastroenteritis and diarrhea, patients should not only drink water, but also drink salt water. If diarrhea is obvious, rehydration should be carried out. If there is bacterial infection, antibiotics should be selected for treatment, so as to improve the condition. There are many causes of acute gastroenteritis, such as not paying attention to food hygiene, failing to disinfect kitchen utensils in time, or unclean ingredients.

After suffering from acute gastroenteritis, you should obey the doctor’s arrangement, and it is best not to do the relevant taboo things. During the period, you should eat liquid diet, such as clear soup and lotus root starch, and mainly salty diet. After the illness is relieved, you can slowly return to normal diet. At this time, you can’t eat food that produces gas, and patients can’t eat too many things at once. If diarrhea is serious, you need to fast for a while.

Patients should pay attention to keep their stomachs warm, not to catch cold, and not to eat irritating food. Just pay attention to a small amount of meals, and don’t eat too much, so as not to affect the gastrointestinal function. To avoid diseases, people should pay attention to food hygiene at ordinary times, do not eat food at night, pay more attention to the shelf life when buying, and pay attention to hydrating, so as not to cause dehydration.

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