Can acute hepatitis B be contagious?

After being infected with hepatitis B virus, it will cause some reactions of the body, and many symptoms will appear in the human body, which will cause damage to liver cells, thus causing inflammation of liver tissue. Abnormal liver function will also be found under examination, so patients should be treated in time. So, will acute hepatitis B be contagious?

Acute hepatitis B is contagious, and infectious diseases caused by hepatitis virus are highly contagious in the blood after suffering from this disease. Therefore, we should pay attention to isolation in our daily life, and it is best to choose separate meals, including daily necessities, and avoid sexual life as much as possible to prevent transmission to our partners. The initial treatment of the disease is very important. After six months of treatment, if it has not recovered, it will turn into chronic hepatitis B..

There are many symptoms in acute hepatitis B, such as jaundice, which is also an early symptom. Because liver cells are seriously damaged, it is easy to have yellow urine and yellow skin all over the body. Because of liver dysfunction, it can’t play metabolism normally, which often causes patients to have symptoms of abdominal distension and abdominal pain.

There are also some patients who have poor appetite and fatigue, and also have symptoms of dizziness and headache, which will be obviously aggravated after the activity. However, with the illness, these symptoms will also be alleviated, so patients should not be taken lightly. They should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time, so that they can be cured as soon as possible. If you turn into chronic hepatitis B, it will do more harm to your health.

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