Can acute hepatitis B heal itself?

There are many causes of acute hepatitis, and everyone’s condition is different. Without effective treatment, there may be serious complications, such as infection and hepatic encephalopathy, which have a great impact on patients, so we can’t ignore the condition. So, will acute hepatitis B heal itself?

Acute hepatitis B is difficult to self-heal, so patients should use antiviral drugs to avoid too much damage to the liver. After using liver protection drugs, if the symptoms of hepatitis B are controlled, antiviral drugs should be used for a long time, otherwise it is easy to cause repeated attacks and eventually develop into liver cirrhosis, even liver cancer and other diseases.

Patients with hepatitis should do more nursing, control calorie intake in diet, pay attention to diet collocation, and eat more green vegetables, which can appropriately increase exercise and control weight gain. Patients should also review regularly. During the use of drugs, they should obey the doctor’s arrangement and cannot increase or decrease at will.

When hepatitis B appears, it is accompanied by abnormal reaction of digestive tract, such as nausea and vomiting, which is a common symptom. If the abnormal digestive tract is improved, it is very likely that hepatitis B begins to turn negative. When the liver is damaged, jaundice will appear in the body, the skin is obviously yellow, and the metabolism function will be affected, so the skin will also appear dull, the hair will become dry and short-tempered, and even hair loss will occur, which is the early manifestation of hepatitis B, and patients should find it in time.

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