Can acute hepatitis B symptoms cause fever?

When it comes to hepatitis B, many people know that according to the national epidemiological survey of hepatitis B in 2006, about one in every fourteen people is a carrier of hepatitis B virus. But there are also many people who don’t understand, if they accidentally suffer from hepatitis B, will the symptoms of acute hepatitis B cause fever?

Acute hepatitis B patients will have fever symptoms, because the body is infected with hepatitis B virus, which proliferates in the liver, causing acute inflammatory reaction in the liver, damaging the liver and causing fever symptoms.

What symptoms can acute hepatitis B cause?

1, loss of appetite, hate greasy.

After suffering from acute hepatitis B, acute hepatitis B virus induces a large number of liver cells to be destroyed, which leads to a decrease in fat digestion ability, so it is anaerobic. When suffering from acute hepatitis B, gastrointestinal edema, congestion, gastrointestinal dysfunction and decreased peristalsis also affect food digestion and absorption. In addition, metabolites cannot be detoxified by liver. Patients with hepatitis B will continue to get worse if they don’t control this symptom in time.

2. The whole body is tired and weak.

Acute hepatitis B is difficult to detect at the early stage of illness, but it is characterized by inactivity, even bedridden. Even if it is often rested for a long time, patients still feel tired. Therefore, some patients think that they are suffering from influenza, so they use drugs without authorization, which leads to the deterioration of their illness.

3, jaundice fever.

Severe hepatitis B may cause coma or even death, because the liver of human body lacks pain nerve, so the patient has no pain response after suffering from acute hepatitis B. However, there is a very thin membrane on the surface of the liver, which is called liver capsule. Pain nerves are distributed on the liver capsule. When the liver is inflamed and swollen, the liver capsule is tense and the pain nerve is stimulated. Therefore, some patients may have discomfort and pain in the right upper abdomen and right rib, accompanied by fever.

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