Can acute jaundice hepatitis be cured?

Acute icterohepatitis is a very torturous disease. There are many patients with acute icterohepatitis in our country, and many parents have tried their best to deal with this disease. So, can acute jaundice hepatitis be cured?

Icteric hepatitis can be completely cured. Jaundiced hepatitis in our life is mostly caused by hepatitis virus. Or acute persistent liver injury can lead to increased bilirubin and acute icteric hepatitis. Some types of icteric hepatitis can be completely cured, and can be cured after two to three weeks of treatment. Most mild to moderate patients can fully recover within 1-3 months after effective treatment of protecting liver and removing jaundice.

If it is acute icteric hepatitis B or hepatitis C, it may turn into chronic hepatitis B, which requires antiviral treatment according to the situation. A few severe icteric hepatitis can be caused by acute liver failure and death.

Clinically, some acute icteric hepatitis can be cured by treatment. However, acute liver failure has a certain mortality, which may not be cured by treatment. Acute icteric hepatitis may recur after being cured, so it is necessary to see if the cause can be removed. If the cause can be removed, there is no need to worry about recurrence in the future. If the cause cannot be removed, long-term medication is still needed after recovery.

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