Can adults drink tea with fever?

At present, most people are pursuing the quality of life, and they usually make some tea to drink slowly. Proper tea drinking is also beneficial to human health. However, not everyone can drink tea. When the health condition is abnormal, they should be cautious. Would you like to ask whether adults can drink tea if they have a fever?

Tea contains a lot of caffeine, tea polyphenols and other substances that are easy to excite people. After drinking, it may be harmful to people’s rest and sleep, which will affect the recovery of illness. Therefore, adults should not drink tea with fever. Moreover, the gastrointestinal function of patients will be weakened during fever, and drinking tea will affect the digestive function of intestinal tract, which may lead to symptoms such as food stagnation and indigestion, and even induce symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

In addition, the substances in the tea water can easily cause the patient’s heart to beat faster and blood pressure to rise, which will cause the patient’s body temperature to rise continuously, which is not conducive to the decrease of body temperature during fever, but will also lead to aggravation of fever symptoms. Tea will also affect the effect of some therapeutic drugs and reduce the efficacy of drugs, which will be detrimental to the recovery of patients.

In addition to not drinking tea during fever, patients should also pay attention to dietary taboos. During fever, they must not eat eggs or other high-protein foods, so as to avoid the increase of heat in the body, the aggravation of fever symptoms, and the pain and discomfort of patients. Be careful not to eat too nourishing, and try to keep the heat and light diet as much as possible, so as to avoid other complications.

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