Can allergic asthma be cured?

Many people think that allergic asthma has little effect on health. In fact, in the process of allergic asthma, it will pose a great threat to patients’ health. However, many people do not pay special attention to the treatment of allergic asthma, which will lead to the continuous development of this disease. So, can allergic asthma be cured?

Allergic asthma can be cured, but at present it is very difficult to completely cure it. From the pathogenesis, allergic asthma is mainly caused by the airway being stimulated by allergens, which leads to abnormal tracheal spasm, which will kick your chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing and other symptoms.

Allergic asthma is a chronic disease. If allergic asthma can be cured, it is necessary to find out the allergens, but it is difficult to find out the allergens in real life. Even if the allergen is found, it is difficult to treat it thoroughly, so at present, the treatment of allergic asthma is mainly to control, reduce and avoid the attack of allergic asthma.

There are many allergens of allergic asthma, such as common animal dander, classification, fungi and so on, and many foods can also cause allergic asthma. These foods include dairy products, seafood and various aquatic products. Nuts, meat, some vegetables, and oil crops such as peanuts and sesame are also easy to induce allergies.

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