Can amniotic fluid index 44 mm be delivered naturally at 40 weeks of gestation?

Most pregnant women prefer to give birth naturally because of their children’s health and postpartum recovery. However, not everyone can give birth naturally, which mainly depends on the pregnant woman’s physical condition and the condition of the fetus. So can amniotic fluid index of 44 mm be delivered naturally after 40 weeks of pregnancy?

At 40 weeks, amniotic fluid index is 44 mm, which is considered as oligohydramnios, so there will be a chance of natural delivery. However, if amniotic fluid is less, the risk of fetal distress will increase. Once fetal distress occurs, cesarean section should be used to terminate pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women consult their attending doctor and choose the appropriate mode of production.

In fact, we should listen to the doctor’s professional advice according to the situation of the fetus in the abdomen, because the natural delivery is affected by many factors, and the placenta situation, the amount of amniotic fluid, the size of the birth canal and so on will all have an impact on the natural delivery. If the data of these examinations are normal, it is possible to carry out natural delivery. If there is a great risk in natural delivery, it is recommended not to insist on natural delivery.

Actually, with the current medical technology, caesarean section will not do too much harm to the fetus. Moreover, pregnant women need anesthesia during the operation, and the degree of pain will be relatively low. Of course, postoperative recovery is definitely more troublesome than natural delivery, which has both advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is to give priority to the health of the fetus.

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