Can anemia cause old farts?

Many people have anemia, especially women, who are more prone to anemia. Long-term anemia will affect women’s health. When anemia is found, blood must be replenished in time. After anemia, there will be some symptoms in the body, so will anemia cause old farts?

Anemia generally does not cause old farts. It is recommended to go to the hospital for detailed examination and find out the cause before treatment. The following symptoms usually occur after anemia:

1. dizziness.

If you often feel dizzy and tired, it may be caused by anemia. If you stand up dizzy after squatting, or feel dizzy when you turn over while sleeping, you should pay attention to it. It is best to go to the hospital to confirm whether it is caused by anemia.

2. Irregular menstruation.

Anemia of women will have symptoms of less menstrual flow, because after anemia, the body will lack of qi and blood, and menstrual blood is produced by the uterus. If the uterus does not have enough qi and blood to nourish it, the discharged menstrual flow will decrease. If a woman has a short menstrual period for a long time, she should go to the hospital for detailed examination.

3. Loss of appetite.

Patients with severe anemia will affect their appetite, and they will feel no appetite when eating. If you don’t get enough nutrition, your body will lose weight and your immunity will decrease.

4. Pale nails.

Whether you are healthy or not can be seen from the color of your nails. When you are not sick, your nails are white with pink, which looks very smooth. When there is anemia, the nail cover will turn white when pressed. If anemia is serious, the white crescent on the nail cover will disappear.

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