Can anemic people eat coriander?

Many women have anemia, which has great influence on their health. After anemia, symptoms such as dizziness, dizziness, and pallor will appear. When anemia is found in the body, blood must be replenished in time to avoid other complications. Mild anemia can be improved by diet conditioning, so can people with anemia eat coriander?

Anemia people can eat coriander, which contains a lot of vitamin c and is higher than other vegetables. Eating coriander properly can promote the functions of heart and spleen, and also contribute to the flow of qi and blood. But anemic people can’t eat the following things:

1. Coffee.

The substance in coffee will inhibit the absorption of iron, and anemia will worsen after drinking it. It is suggested to change coffee into freshly squeezed fruit juice, which contains more vitamins and is good for health.

2. Tea.

Tea also inhibits the absorption of iron, and forms insoluble iron tannin with iron in the body, which is not easily absorbed. When the body lacks iron, it will lead to the decrease of hemoglobin synthesis in the body, thus aggravating anemia.

3. Limit fat.

Eating too much fat every day will inhibit the hematopoietic function of the human body, which will have an impact on the digestion and absorption of anemia patients. Therefore, we should eat less greasy food and try to eat lighter food.

In a word, after discovering anemia, we must replenish blood in time. If anemia is not serious, you can adjust your diet and eat more foods that have the function of enriching blood. If anemia is serious, use drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

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