Can bananas treat constipation?

Nowadays, most people don’t have a good eating habit. Because they like to eat high-calorie and high-fat foods and don’t drink water, it is easy to have constipation. When constipation symptoms appear, patients will want to eat bananas to relieve constipation. Would you like to ask if bananas can treat constipation?

In order to achieve the effect of relaxing bowels, it is necessary to eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, while the dietary fiber content in bananas is relatively low. Eating bananas during constipation does not have the effect of relieving and treating constipation, and tannic acid in bananas may also lead to aggravation of constipation symptoms, so it is better for constipation patients to eat less bananas.

After constipation symptoms appear, patients should drink plenty of water to increase the body’s water content, speed up intestinal peristalsis, and promote defecation, which will help relieve constipation symptoms. Patients with constipation can also eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, which is helpful for intestinal peristalsis, can also play a role in relaxing bowels, and can alleviate constipation symptoms.

In addition, patients with constipation should pay attention to strengthening physical exercise, walking outdoors and not sitting for a long time, so as to effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation. Patients with constipation can also massage and rub their abdomen with their hands, which can also relieve constipation symptoms. If the symptoms of constipation are serious or can not be alleviated for a long time, patients need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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