Can breast atrophy recover seriously?

Every treasure mother will choose to give her baby breast milk on the premise of good quality, because the most suitable food for her baby is breast milk. However, Bao Ma, who breastfeeds her baby, also has some troubles, that is, her breasts shrink badly after breastfeeding. Let’s find out if breast atrophy is serious and can it be recovered?

After breastfeeding, it is a normal physiological phenomenon that breasts shrink. If we pay more attention to diet and pay attention to the maintenance of breasts, the atrophied breasts can be recovered. But if you want to return to the original appearance, it is almost impossible. Because the breast loses a lot of collagen after breast-feeding, which leads to the ligament damage of the breast, which is irreversible.

The reason why breast-feeding can cause breast atrophy is that Bao Ma secretes many kinds of hormones during pregnancy and lactation, such as placental lactogen, estrogen, progestogen, etc., and these hormones will temporarily develop her breasts several times. After breastfeeding, the levels of these hormones in the body will drop obviously, and the breasts will shrink accordingly.

If you want your breasts to recover better after breastfeeding, you need to pay attention to many things in your diet. Be sure to eat more papaya, Tremella, Auricularia, pig’s feet, peanuts and other foods, which can help the body absorb collagen with whitening. Collagen is an important nutrient to maintain breast elasticity, so these foods have the effect of promoting breast recovery.

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