Can calcium deficiency during pregnancy cause sciatica?

Calcium deficiency in pregnant women usually leads to osteoporosis, or low back pain and pelvic pain. So, can calcium deficiency during pregnancy cause sciatica?

Sciatica in pregnant women is not caused by calcium deficiency. Secondary sciatica, stimulation, compression and injury of sciatic nerve are secondary after local injury of sciatic nerve and surrounding structures, and a few are sciatica, which is primary.

Sciatica will do some harm to patients’ psychology:

Sciatica can cause claudication. Many patients have increased their psychological pressure because they can’t stand the ridicule of people around them, which leads to inferiority complex, and even some patients have suicidal thoughts.

On the other hand, many families are overwhelmed. The cost of treating sciatica is relatively expensive, which has become a burden for many families. The patient has no normal job, and the family economic source was originally based on the patient.

The reason for sciatica during pregnancy is that the body’s hormone secretion changes during pregnancy, releasing a hormone to relax pubic bone, thus gradually relaxing pelvis and related joint ligaments, and making the fetus deliver smoothly. Therefore, this hormone change will lead to muscle edema and nerve edema.

Another cause of sciatica is that the fetus gradually grows up by constantly absorbing nutrition brought by the mother, which will oppress the uterus of pregnant women. Increased lumbar load will cause the pelvis to tilt forward. In this case, the pelvis will be squeezed, which may lead to sciatica and sciatica symptoms.

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