Can catching a cold cause a headache?

If many people are weak, they will easily have a cold and fever, which will lead to some obvious symptoms, such as cough and headache. And sometimes, if you don’t get enough sleep, it’s easy to get a headache. Headache will make people feel very uncomfortable, and it will also affect their normal state, so will catching a cold cause headaches?

A cold may cause headaches. Because some people’s colds may be caused by virus infection, it is very likely that some inflammatory secretions will increase, which will cause nerve stimulation and cause headache. Besides, there may be stuffy nose, runny nose and sore throat. Therefore, if you want to relieve the headache, you still have to deal with the cold first, and then you can get a better solution.

In addition to colds, there are still many reasons that can lead to headaches, which have a great relationship with one’s own diet and mood. Therefore, it is better to try not to mix food or choose the same type of food in daily life. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention not to have too much fluctuation in mood, which can easily affect normal sleep, and poor sleep can easily lead to headaches.

Then, when you have a headache, try to keep your diet light, and don’t take strenuous exercise, or you may aggravate the headache.

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