Can catching a cold cause tinnitus?

Cold is one of the diseases that people often suffer from. It has many types, and the most serious symptom is viral cold. Usually, when you have a cold, you will have sneezing, coughing and runny nose, and sometimes you will have a fever. So, can a cold cause tinnitus?

When you catch a cold, you may have symptoms of tinnitus. Generally, when catching a cold, there will be upper respiratory tract mucosal infection, congestion and edema, which will accumulate in the eustachian tube. After the eustachian tube is abnormal, the ear will be in a negative pressure state, and then tinnitus will appear.

Usually, after the cold is cured, the tinnitus will disappear. If everyone has tinnitus after recovering from a cold, they should be vigilant. This is an abnormal symptom, so they should go to the hospital for examination. Look for ear diseases, such as otitis media.

When suffering from otitis media, symptoms of tinnitus will appear, which should be treated as soon as possible. Doctors usually give patients some anti-inflammatory drugs, so everyone should follow the doctor’s advice. Usually, after receiving treatment, the disease can be relieved quickly. After the bad symptoms disappear, everyone should insist on treatment for a period of time, so that otitis media can be completely cured, otherwise there may be repeated cases of illness. In addition, during the treatment period, everyone should review in the hospital on time.

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