Can catching a cold cause toothache?

After the symptoms of cold appear, if they are serious, other complications may also be induced, which requires careful nursing of patients and treatment of cold as soon as possible, so as to avoid greater harm. The degree of cold is light and heavy, so it should be treated according to specific conditions. So, will a cold cause toothache?

A cold may cause toothache, and the patient’s physique is poor, and the periodontal nerve is sensitive, which may lead to toothache. If there is tooth decay and the immunity of the body declines, it is easy to cause bacterial infection, thus causing pain symptoms. During toothache, if accompanied by swelling of gums or facial swelling, considering the possibility of inflammation, antibiotics should be used for treatment.

When a patient feels toothache, he can rinse his mouth with salt water, take a spoonful of salt, then boil half a cup of water and stir slowly. If he doesn’t understand it, he can also go to the hospital to buy it. In addition, he can wrap it in a wet towel or ice cubes and apply it to the toothache area, which can also relieve the pain.

For toothache caused by cold, it is necessary to take medicine to treat it, and then relieve toothache by some methods. If the pain is unbearable, patients who want to use painkillers should also consult a doctor, and do not blindly use medicine. During this period, they should also pay attention to diet, avoid irritating and cold food, eat more light food and try to be soft.

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