Can catching a cold lead to high blood pressure?

Cold is one of the most common diseases, and many factors can cause it, such as catching cold and virus infection. After people catch a cold, they will have many symptoms. If the symptoms are serious, you can choose the appropriate cold medicine according to your own situation. So, can a cold lead to high blood pressure?

When you have a cold, it may cause high blood pressure, but it is usually a transient increase, and not everyone suffers from high blood pressure. With the gradual improvement of the cold, the patient’s blood pressure can return to normal. At this time, everyone should pay attention to rest and try not to stay up late.

When the immunity of human body declines, it is easy for the cold virus to invade the human body, thus causing people to catch a cold. After everyone has caught a cold, they will basically have symptoms such as runny nose and stuffy nose. Sometimes patients also feel headache and dizziness. If the sympathetic nerve is stimulated and excited, it will lead to a transient increase in blood pressure.

Patients with colds should have enough rest time, combine work and rest while studying, minimize activities, and avoid strenuous exercise. Eat lightly when you catch a cold, and don’t eat irritating and greasy food. In addition, if you find that your blood pressure is rising, you should stay in bed immediately, which can effectively avoid cerebrovascular accidents.

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