Can cervical hypertrophy bleed?

Women should pay attention to the health of reproductive system, and it is best to check regularly, so that diseases can be found in time. At present, many women suffer from cervical diseases, such as cervical erosion, cervical cyst and cervical hypertrophy, etc., and the incidence rate is very high among women of childbearing age. So, does cervical hypertrophy bleed?

Whether cervical hypertrophy will bleed depends on the specific situation. Many women with cervical hypertrophy also suffer from some other cervical diseases. If cervical hypertrophy is accompanied by cervical polyps, it is easy to bleed. Especially in the process of sharing a room, there may be contact bleeding symptoms.

When cervical hypertrophy is accompanied by cervical erosion, if cervical erosion reaches moderate or even severe cervical erosion, it is easy to have bleeding symptoms. If it is simply cervical hypertrophy and there are no other diseases, there will usually be no bleeding symptoms.

When women find symptoms of cervical bleeding, such as contact bleeding, they must go to the hospital for gynaecological treatment in time, and doctors usually have gynecological examination and colposcopy examination. After diagnosis, treatment measures should be taken in time. If necessary, pathological analysis should also be carried out, so as to know whether there is any lesion in the cervical region. Everyone should pay attention to contact bleeding of cervix, because it may be caused by cervical cancer.

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