Can cervical hypertrophy cause backache?

Cervical hypertrophy is a gynecological disease. Women’s uterus is enlarged uniformly, accompanied by varying degrees of uterine bleeding, and it will show an increase in leucorrhea. Every woman’s condition is different. When the condition develops seriously, it will spread to other organs around her. So, will cervical hypertrophy cause back pain?

Cervical hypertrophy will not cause back pain. If there are no symptoms and few secretions, no special treatment is needed. If there is an increase in secretions, and there are back pain, lower abdominal pain and other phenomena, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to see if there is pelvic inflammatory disease or pelvic effusion.

Women who have given birth for many times have suffered great damage to their uterus, which is easy to cause cervical hypertrophy, or because of puerperal infection, they will cause incomplete uterine involution. When women’s ovarian function is impaired and estrogen secretion is high, long-term stimulation will lead to hypertrophy of myometrium. If suffering from gynecological inflammation, it can also lead to uterine hypertrophy.

Women need to understand the causes of cervical hypertrophy, so as to actively cooperate with the treatment and improve the treatment efficiency. If they have not been treated all the time, or if the treatment is not thorough, it will affect the daily life of patients, and even lead to infertility and other hazards. Therefore, women should go to the hospital for treatment as early as possible, and take relevant precautions. If postpartum uterine contraction is poor, drugs can be used to promote uterine contraction.

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