Can cervical polyp bleed?

The range of gynecological diseases is very wide, including cervical polyps. There are many causes of this disease, so women should pay attention to it, so as to adopt correct treatment and prevent other complications. So, will cervical polyps bleed?

Cervical polyps will bleed, which will occur after the body is too tired, or after having sex. If there is no nursing measures, the amount of bleeding will obviously increase, so it is necessary to treat them in time, shave the polyps through hysteroscopic surgery, and then carry out anti-inflammatory treatment. When suffering from cervical polyps, women usually have increased leucorrhea, or leucorrhea with bloodshot symptoms, which is more obvious after sharing a room.

The causes of cervical polyp are complicated, and bleeding often occurs. However, due to different degrees of illness, mild cervical polyp usually has no obvious performance. If it develops seriously, there will be obvious bulges in the cervix, and the amount of bleeding will be very large. If it is not treated in time, it will also cause abdominal infection and lead to other lesions.

If the cervical polyp is serious, it will not only keep getting bigger, but even hinder women’s conception, which is also the cause of infertility. Cervical polyp is easy to recur, so it is best to treat it through hysteroscopic surgery, and pay more attention to physical changes, and do a good job of reexamination regularly to prevent the deterioration of the disease.

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