Can cervical polyps become cancerous?

What worries everyone most is cancer, which brings too much harm to patients. When women suffer from cervical diseases, they are also worried about canceration. For example, do cervical polyps become canceration? Let’s get to know each other!

Suffering from cervical polyp may lead to canceration, but cervical polyp is a benign lesion, so long as it is well controlled, canceration will generally not occur. The occurrence of cervical polyps is mostly caused by long-term chronic inflammatory stimulation, and may also be caused by cervical infection or vascular obstruction near the cervix.

Cervical polyps often occur in women over 40 years old or women who have given birth many times. Patients with cervical polyps have no obvious clinical symptoms, but some patients may have symptoms such as menstrual disorder, abnormal vaginal bleeding, increased leucorrhea, etc. When secondary infection occurs, symptoms such as peculiar smell of vaginal secretions may occur. If the polyp is large, it will be compressed to a local position, and waist discomfort may occur.

For the problem of female cervical polyps, it is mainly treated by surgical removal of polyps, and drugs to relieve pain and stop bleeding should be used after operation. However, after the operation of cervical polyp, there is still the possibility of canceration, so it is necessary to go to the hospital for reexamination on a regular basis, about 3~6 months or so, and follow-up on a regular basis.

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