Can cervical vertebra pain cause headache?

No matter what disease you suffer from, it will have a certain impact on people’s life and work. In life, many people suffer from cervical spondylosis, and they suffer physically, and even can’t work normally. Some people also have headache symptoms after suffering from cervical spondylosis. Let’s take a look at whether cervical pain can cause headache.

Whether cervical pain will cause headache depends on the situation. Cervical pain is usually related to cervical spondylosis, which is a common disease and frequently-occurring disease. There are many types, such as cervical spondylotic radiculopathy and cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylotic myelopathy and sympathetic cervical spondylosis. There are two types of cervical spondylosis prone to headache symptoms:

1, cervical spondylosis. This type of cervical spondylosis is usually related to frequent bowing and repeated actions for a long time. The main symptoms are headache and discomfort such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

2. Cervical spondylosis of vertebral artery type. This disease is usually related to the stimulation of vertebral artery, which reduces the blood supply to the brain. The main symptoms are dizziness and headache.

It is recommended to go to the relevant departments of regular hospitals for examination, identify the type of cervical spondylosis, and adopt the corresponding treatment plan under the guidance of doctors. During the treatment, we should cooperate with the doctor carefully, take more rest, avoid fatigue, keep a good sitting and sleeping position at ordinary times, and don’t keep a fixed position for a long time.

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