Can cervicitis become cancer?

Cervicitis is a common gynecological disease, which has a very high incidence. When suffering from cervicitis, there will be some abnormal symptoms of leucorrhea, such as color change and peculiar smell. Women must pay attention to cervicitis and treat it in time. So, can cervicitis turn into cancer?

Cervicitis itself will not become cancerous. Whether cervicitis is acute or chronic, usually only inflammatory cell infiltration will occur, but there is no phenomenon of cervical cell mutation, so cervical inflammation will not become cancerous. However, when everyone suffers from cervicitis, they should actively treat it and try to recover as soon as possible.

The incidence of cervicitis is very high, and cervical cancer is one of the most vulnerable cancers for women. If women want to prevent cervical cancer, they need to know the causes of cervical cancer. At present, more than 90% of cervical cancer is caused by human papillomavirus infection for a long time, so when preventing cervical cancer, we should start from avoiding human papillomavirus infection.

If women suffer from cervical diseases, besides active treatment, they should also be screened regularly for cervical cancer. If conditions permit, human papillomavirus vaccine can be inoculated, which is an excellent method to prevent cervical cancer and can greatly reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. In addition, women should pay attention to the health of reproductive system and avoid unclean sexual behavior.

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