Can children drink milk with fever?

After the baby is born, although it seems from the outside. There is nothing abnormal in the body, but some internal functions are still not perfect, such as the immune system, so compared with adults, their resistance will be weaker, especially when changing seasons, it is easy to have a fever, and there are some things to avoid after a cold and fever, so can children drink milk when they have a fever?

It’s best not to drink milk when you have a fever, because it is easy to have gastrointestinal disorder when you have a fever. At this time, the digestive function of the stomach will also decrease, so there is no way to fully decompose the protein and fat of the milk you drink. Therefore, it is easy to have indigestion and diarrhea when drinking milk at this time.

It is also because when you have a fever like this, you should give your child some light food. For example, liquid food will be easier to digest, and milk can be fed after the fever is relieved. In addition, drink plenty of water during this period, because it is easy to lose water due to fever, so it should be supplemented in time to avoid dehydration.

If the temperature of children’s fever is not particularly high, in fact, physical methods can be used to help them cool down first, such as putting some antipyretic stickers on them, or wiping their limbs and back with alcohol.

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