Can children drink soy milk every day?

Soymilk is a familiar food. There are many nutrients in soymilk. Many people like to drink soymilk when eating breakfast. Children are in the developmental stage, so they should be supplemented with enough nutrition every day, so many parents often give their children soy milk. So, can children drink soybean milk every day?

Children can drink soybean milk, which is good for their health, but they cannot drink soybean milk every day. Although soybean milk is rich in nutrition, if you drink it every day, it may lead to a single nutritional supplement for children. Therefore, when parents prepare food for their children, it is best to enrich it, so that the nutrition can be balanced.

Soymilk contains protein and cellulose, which can prevent diabetes. Moreover, soybean milk is rich in phosphorus and calcium, which are important substances needed by human bones. Drinking soybean milk frequently is beneficial to bone health. Parents should pay attention to the fact that if their children’s stomach is not good, they should avoid drinking soybean milk, otherwise it will easily cause diarrhea.

Parents should not give their children soy milk every day, because soy milk contains isoflavones, which are natural estrogens. Excessive intake of isoflavones will lead to excessive estrogen in children. It may make boys appear sexualized, while girls are prone to precocious puberty if they have excessive estrogen in their bodies, so don’t give your children soy milk every day.

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