Can children eat Angelica sinensis?

Angelica sinensis is a common Chinese herbal medicine, which has high nutritional value and medicinal value. Many people regard Angelica as a daily health care and tonic material, for example, using Angelica to cook chicken soup. But we should pay attention that not everyone is suitable for eating Angelica sinensis. So, can children eat Angelica sinensis?

It is best for children not to eat Angelica sinensis, although Angelica sinensis is an excellent tonic, which can nourish blood and blood, regulate menstruation and relieve pain, and can resist cancer and aging, and moisten the intestines. After Angelica sinensis enters the human body, it can also improve human immunity, but it is not suitable for children to eat.

Children’s immunity is not perfect. If they eat Angelica sinensis, especially after eating a lot of Angelica sinensis, it will easily lead to endocrine disorders and hormone disorders, and may even cause precocious puberty. This is very unfavorable to children’s growth and easily interferes with their normal development, so it is not recommended that children eat Angelica sinensis.

If children have anemia, etc., they can choose other methods to enrich their blood, not necessarily eating Angelica sinensis. If a child is treated by Chinese medicine after illness, Angelica sinensis may be among the medicines prescribed by the doctor. In this case, we don’t need to worry, because other drugs in traditional Chinese medicine will neutralize their properties, so long as we don’t give our children angelica alone.

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