Can children have a fever in early encephalitis?

Encephalitis is a serious disease, and its symptoms are not obvious at the early stage of the disease, which is likely to be confused with common diseases. Children’s autoimmune diseases are also the focus of attention in the society at present, and some diseases will have certain difficulties in treatment, so will children have fever at the early stage of encephalitis?

In the early stage of children’s encephalitis, symptoms of fever may appear, and the body temperature will rise obviously, not slightly. Because encephalitis is usually caused by virus infection, the most obvious symptoms will cause abnormal body temperature, and children’s body temperature usually keeps rising.

Children’s encephalitis is a relatively common disease. The main symptom of this disease will be children’s obvious high fever, which may be accompanied by convulsion or headache. Coma may also appear in some children. Some children may be affected by the disease, and then have nausea and vomiting or red eyes. Therefore, we must go to the hospital in time.

Children’s encephalitis is mostly caused by children’s poor immunity at a very young age or for some reason, or by bacterial virus infection. Therefore, once they suffer from this disease, they must be actively treated to avoid affecting the children’s future life or causing more serious diseases in the long run.

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