Can children use Kaisailu?

Children’s gastrointestinal function is weak, so they are prone to some adverse symptoms, such as diarrhea and constipation. When children are found to be constipated, it is necessary to take laxative measures in time to solve the problem of defecation as soon as possible. If children are often constipated, it will easily lead to habitual constipation. So, can children use Kaisailu?

Children can use Kaisailu, which can make children defecate as soon as possible. As long as you use Kaisailu properly for your child, it will not cause side effects. However, parents should pay attention that Kaisailu should not be used frequently. Otherwise, it may make your child’s anal sphincter hypertrophy, and then become dependent on drugs. Therefore, parents should be cautious when using Kaisailu for their children, and it can be used as an emergency product, but it cannot be used as a routine laxative product.

If children are often constipated, parents need to adjust their diet for their children. Usually, they can give their children some laxative foods, such as bananas, which have a good laxative effect. In addition, you can give your children regular food with high cellulose content, such as fungi, corn and oats.

After getting up every morning, you can give your child a cup of honey water. Because honey water has the effect of smoothing intestines, it can effectively prevent constipation after drinking. If your child’s constipation is serious, you should take some laxative drugs so that your child can defecate as soon as possible.

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