Can children with alopecia areata have hair transplant?

Nowadays, many people have encountered the problem of alopecia. If it belongs to alopecia areata, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time. Some children will have alopecia areata, which is usually caused by fright and some other mental factors, and most of them can be recovered. So, can alopecia areata be transplanted?

Children with alopecia areata can have hair transplant, but whether to have hair transplant or not depends on the specific situation. Most children can recover from alopecia areata. After a period of time, hair follicles will grow into roots and gradually grow into tiny hair. However, we should note that not all alopecia areata can be recovered.

If the child has nervous alopecia areata, it can grow hair slowly in about three months, but in more serious cases, such as a large area of alopecia areata, the recovery time may be longer. If the hair follicle is damaged due to fungal infection, there is no way to heal itself, which requires targeted treatment, and patients can also have hair transplantation.

Alopecia areata has a great influence on personal image. When children have alopecia areata without self-healing, they need to go to dermatology for examination. After confirming the illness, they can use drugs according to the doctor’s advice. During the treatment, all kinds of nursing work should be done well. If alopecia areata is difficult to cure for a long time, you can choose hair transplantation, which can quickly change your personal image.

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