Can cough cause chest tightness?

After entering the autumn and winter season, colds become very common diseases. Especially in cold winter, many children and old people will be affected by cold diseases. Colds can cause cough, fever and other abnormal symptoms, and have a great influence on the quality of life. So, will a cold and cough cause chest tightness?

Cough depends on what kind of cold it is. If it is a common cold and cough, it will not cause abnormal chest tightness. However, severe colds and coughs, such as colds, can cause severe coughs. In this case, patients will have abnormal chest tightness. Other patients have a cold and cough and cause other diseases, which will also cause chest tightness.

Specifically, a severe cold and cough means that a cold causes congestion in the upper respiratory tract or nasal mucosa, and even causes edema, so that the patient will have abnormal chest tightness, which will lead to more strenuous breathing. In severe cases, the cold has complications, and viral myocarditis is the most common one.

If a cold causes abnormal pleural effusion, it will also cause abnormal chest tightness. For patients with chest tightness caused by cold and cough, attention must be paid to the treatment of basic diseases. If only the cold and cough are treated, this will aggravate the abnormalities such as chest tightness to a certain extent, which is not conducive to recovery.

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