Can deficiency of qi and blood cause constipation?

Deficiency of qi and blood is a problem that many people have. When patients have this symptom, it is easy to cause numbness of hands and feet or insomnia and forgetfulness. In addition, there will be other physical discomfort. At this time, some patients will ask whether deficiency of qi and blood will cause constipation.

For patients with qi and blood deficiency, it can cause constipation, because many people often neglect their physical condition due to the problems of work rhythm and life rhythm, which leads to qi and blood deficiency. However, during this period, it was not effectively conditioned or treated, and even caused constipation.

What problems will deficiency of qi and blood cause?

1. Visceral dysfunction. For patients with deficiency of qi and blood, it will also cause the decline of viscera function, such as the decline of various organs of the body, and some patients even have different degrees of mental malaise. Moreover, patients with deficiency of qi and blood may also induce stunting or fatigue.

2. Menstruation disorder. For women with insufficient qi and blood, it will also induce menstrual disorder. Because of their lack of qi and blood, it is easy for women to have too much menstruation or too little menstruation, and even amenorrhea may occur in patients with severe conditions. When women do not pay attention to this symptom, it will even endanger their reproductive health and lead to infertility.

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