Can delaying menstruation for one or two days detect pregnancy?

If women do not have normal menstruation when preparing for pregnancy, they will doubt whether they are pregnant or not, so they want to check whether they are pregnant or not as soon as possible. However, because the pregnancy time is still relatively short, they cannot be sure, so there may be no reaction with the pregnancy test stick, so can the pregnancy be detected by delaying menstruation by one or two days?

According to the normal situation, if menstruation is only delayed for one or two days, there should be no way to detect pregnancy. If the regular pattern of women’s menstrual cycle is relatively normal, it is actually normal to postpone or advance one week. If you want to know if you are pregnant, it is recommended to postpone menstruation for seven days before testing.

So what should we pay attention to if we want to have a pregnancy test?

First, we should clearly calculate the specific number of days of delayed menstruation. If we want to use a pregnancy test by ourselves, in order to improve the accuracy, we should use morning urine for the test, which is relatively accurate. However, it should be noted that before using urine, it is not recommended to drink plenty of water to increase the urine volume, because it will probably dilute the hormone content in urine, which will affect the result of pregnancy test.

Second, because there may still be some errors in the pregnancy test, if you want to know exactly whether you are pregnant or not, you’d better go to the hospital for blood HCG or do B-ultrasound.

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