Can dizziness be diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease easily suffered by the elderly. After suffering from diabetes, the elderly are prone to urinate, thirst, fatigue, poor mental state and become thinner and thinner. In addition to some of the above symptoms, some elderly people will also have dizziness and vertigo, so may dizziness be diabetes?

In fact, dizziness is unlikely to be diabetes. Dizziness may be the abnormal blood pressure of the elderly, because high or low blood pressure of the elderly will cause dizziness. In addition, the elderly with anemia, the elderly with insufficient blood supply to the brain and the elderly with cervical spondylosis are all likely to have dizziness and headache.

However, diabetic patients may have dizziness and headache. Diabetic patients are not easily absorbed and utilized after nutrition intake, and their bodies are often deficient in qi and blood. When their mental state is poor, they may cause dizziness and headache. In order to avoid this situation, diabetic patients should not only pay attention to light diet, which is less oil, less salt and less sugar, but also strengthen physical exercise and not overwork.

Therefore, if the elderly in the family are dizzy, they should take the elderly to the hospital for systematic examination in time to see if their blood, blood pressure, heart and brain are normal, communicate with doctors in time, find out the cause of dizziness and make relevant treatment as soon as possible.

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