Can drinking cold salt water diminish inflammation?

After people catch a cold, they usually have symptoms such as fatigue, cough and runny nose. Sometimes a cold can cause a fever, which shows that there is inflammation in the body. Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of fever, you need to eliminate the inflammation in your body. So, can drinking salt water for a cold diminish inflammation?

Drinking salt water can’t diminish inflammation when you catch a cold, because salt water is actually salt+plain boiled water, and it doesn’t contain ingredients for treating diseases, so drinking salt water has no therapeutic effect on colds. However, drinking salt water when you have a cold can remove the fungi in the upper digestive tract and improve symptoms such as halitosis.

If a cold patient wants to diminish inflammation, he should take anti-inflammatory drugs. Drinking salt water cannot eliminate inflammation in the body. However, we should pay attention to the fact that anti-inflammatory drugs should never be abused. It is best to ask a doctor to prescribe drugs after going to the hospital for examination. Moreover, anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken in strict accordance with the doctor’s advice, and the dosage should not be changed without authorization.

When a cold is accompanied by fever symptoms, it is usually caused by inflammation, so most doctors will prescribe some anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs to patients. While taking medicine, everyone should pay more attention to rest, avoid strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor, and drink more water. This helps the metabolism of viruses in the body, and fever consumes a lot of water, so patients can effectively avoid dehydration by drinking more water.

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